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Workplace Skills Development Academy New Zealand with support from other national and international organizations has developed the International Youth Summit (IYS) platform in 2015. International Youth Summit is an active global youth networking platform working for the skills development of the youth all over the world and currently, with more than 100,000 registered members from more than 85 countries.
IYS conducted the 1st International Youth Summit with 3000+ participants from 11 countries in Bangladesh (IYS2016). The 2nd International Youth Summit was held in Nepal in February 2018 with 1000+ participants (combining the pre & post-summit conferences) from 18 countries (IYS2018). In between the two summits, we have organized national and international youth camps, youth exchange programme, youth volunteer programme, youth skills development workshops, training, seminars and mini-conferences with the support from the ministry of youths of different countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, New Zealand, and India as well as from different NGOs, INGOs, universities, youth organizations.
IYS has successfully hosted the 3rd International Youth Summit virtually due to pandemic from 18th May 2020 to 17th May 2021. The 4th International Youth Summit will be held in Malaysia (IYS2022).
Last year we have conducted 37 impact sessions, 14 skills development training sessions, and several competitions and celebrated special weeks like Africa & Asia weeks to know about the culture, custom, food, fashion, youth challenges, etc. of different countries of these two continents. Before the next International Youth Summit 2022, we will host 12 personal development conferences. IYS also hosts National and International Youth Fest in different countries.

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