Skills, Abilities & Techniques To Pass Your Driving Test First Time

Are you preparing for a driver's test? These skills, abilities and techniques will help you to pass your driver's test first time. Learn how to best study for your learner's permit. Know where to find the correct information that will ensure you pass your knowledge test first time. Get as much practice as you can on your learner. And for driving, practice the fundamentals such as turning and parking. These will make you a safer, smarter driver overall. The night before your test, be sure to get a good night sleep. Have money for your test. And be sure to bring your license and one other piece of identification. And during the test remember to breath; that will cause your body to relax. Good luck on your test.

00:00 - Skills, Abilities And Techniques For Passing Your Driving Test First Time
00:26 - Get Your Learner’s Permit
01:49 - Four Components of a Driver’s Test
02:45 - Learn to Drive FASTER
03:46 - Requirements of Driver’s Test
04:34 - One Driving Skill That Will Make You A Safer Smarter Driver - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kfu4gKUr_Ds&list=PL0x-bChcUvwFt4twLrLzTBz4Zf9uDBkwW&index=2&t=18s
05:47 - Revisit the Fundamentals of Driving
05:58 - Post-COVID 19 Driver’s Tests
06:23 - Taking Driving Lessons in Preparation for Driver’s Test
07:19 - The Secondary Controls You Must Know For Your Driver’s Test
07:57 - The Good, the Bad & The Ugly of a Driving Test
08:26 - Take a Driving Lesson if You’re Not Taking Lessons
09:13 - Focus on the Fundamentals of Driving
09:32 - What You Need to Do To Get Ready for Your Driver’s Test

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Good luck on your road test.

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