Simplilearn Review | Meet Maria | A Chemical Engineer at a Top Cosmetic Company Thanks to Upskilling

Maria upskilled herself with Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training Course by Simplilearn!! Listen to her success story in her own words.

I am a chemical engineering graduate. I was already a processing engineer at my previous job at Sugaright. I realized I was lacking certain skills, and one of them was lean six sigma, which is very useful, and it is necessary to survive in the industry. It is something that we chemical engineers use when it comes to quality control and management. I wanted the certification and wanted to put that on my resume since I was also looking for a better opportunity in a big city. New York is a hub of opportunities, and I wanted to shift there. My previous job was in Philadelphia. In 2020, I decided to upskill myself. Also, I had already left my previous job and had time to upskill.

I was looking for a course, but since we were in the middle of a pandemic, I couldn’t take any offline courses. I was looking for an online course instead. I was doing my research, and I found out that Simplilearn has a lot of live classes as well as self-learning videos which I thought might be useful for me. Also, the self-learning videos allowed me to learn at my own pace, which I wanted to do.
My experience was amazing. We had excel classes towards the end which was really helpful since we use it a lot at work. There were worksheets and projects which helped me get a sense of how it is used in real life.

As mentioned above, I left my job in August 2020 due to the pandemic, and also there were some personal issues. I got my Lean Management certification in December 2020, and in January 2021, I was hired by L’Oreal as a Chemical Engineer Demi Grand that too with a 20% salary hike. I got the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification in March 2021.

And I have been able to apply my knowledge to my job very well. We at L’Oreal have new products coming in all the time. The process from the commencement of a project to the final delivery of the product is long. There are steps like quality control in between. I am in the research & development and innovation wing of the company, where Lean Six Sigma is very helpful.

We have to ensure that there is no difference between the process of products. Also, I was able to solve a key problem here. There used to be some logistical problems initially. Since so many products were coming in, we had problems with organizing the space. I learned 5S during the course, which is a Japanese way of sorting things out. So, I also used it here to organize the whole process.

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