Sick Lessons #2: Melissa Reynolds on Efficient Time Management & Organisation

In this episode, Melissa Reynolds shares some sick lessons on efficient time management and organisation whilst living with Fibromyalgia. She is also a mum to four young boys, a yoga instructor and has just published her third book. The stress is real - Find out how she handles it in her daily life!

(Apologies for the abrupt cuts and renovation sounds. My upstairs neighbour just *had to* schedule it for the exact date and time as the interview. The joys of living in an apartment! :) )

‘Sick Lessons’ is a podcast where people share life lessons they’ve learned from living with chronic illness, mental illness and/or disability. Topics range from self awareness, self-care, family, friendships, productivity, career, society, humanity and more.

I hope that you find these life hacks and tips useful in your own personal growth and self-development journey. We may be chronically ill, but we do have some pretty wicked lessons to share with the world. So tune in and hear us out!

In This Episode:
00:00:00 Introduction to Sick Lessons
00:00:40 Introduction to Melissa Reynolds
00:02:12 How Fibromyalgia Impacts Melissa's Life
00:03:00 Melissa's Top 3 Life Lessons Learned from Chronic Illness
00:04:45 How Melissa Manages the Intensity of Her Everyday Life
00:06:45 How Melissa Paces Her Day
00:09:41 Experiences with Judgement & Medical Gaslighting
00:11:29 How to Speak Up for Yourself in Everyday Life & in a Medical Setting
00:13:10 What Migraine vs Fibromyalgia is Like for Melissa
00:15:17 Gaslighting Within the Chronic Illness Community
00:15:57 How Chronic Illness has Shaped Melissa's Personality & Outlook on Life
00:16:45 How Organisation Skills Helps Melissa to Cope with Chronic Illness
00:17:39 How Melissa was Like Before Her Diagnosis at 24
00:19:44 What Melissa Wishes Healthy People or Society Would Do More of or Stop Doing
00:20:58 How Melissa Would Live Her Life if She Were Healthy
00:22:37 More About Melissa's New Book
00:25:11 More About Melissa's Online Courses on Accessible Yoga
00:28:29 Where to Find Melissa Online
00:29:18 Podcast Outro

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