SHRM Certified! Shweta shares how she got SHRM CP certified with a full time job and a family!

Hi. My name is Divya. I am a doctor (pharmacologist). I've been in a management role with a healthcare company for a while. My life feels like a series of exams. I want to share tips on how to study for exams, certifications, learn new things and continue to grow.

Shweta shares her experience of how she got SHRM certified.

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Questions covered in the video:

**1. Why did you want to take the exam?**

**2. When did you apply for the exam and when did you take the exam?**

**3. When did you start studying?

**4. How long did you study for the exam? - 5 months, 6 months etc.**

**5. How many hours a day did you study for the exam?**

**6. Any hiccups during the studying period - guests visiting when you could not study or intense work periods at work which hindered studying**

**7. Which studying resource did you use? Would you recommend it?**

**8. Is the certification worth it?**

**9. What is your advice to the people out there trying to get certified?

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