Should You Put Your Primary Residence In A Trust? | Tax Tuesday #188

48:14 What are the tax benefits of putting my primary residence in a trust?

Welcome back to another installment of Tax Tuesday! Tune in as Michael Bowman, Esq. and Eliot Thomas, Esq. break down your tax questions.

0:00 Intro

17:20 Is my income still considered "income" if I show it on my tax return? Will this be a hindrance to getting an investment loan or a home equity line?

22:14 I have two Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) in California that I filed as a partnership 1065. Is it advised to create another LLC as a holding company for both LLCs? Should it be disregarded or filed as a partnership?

28:03 How can full-time Limited Partners (LP) in private equity and real estate syndications or stock investors offset the income of these activities with expenses?

41:26 We have 7 rental properties set up using the Anderson Business Advisors (ABA) structure using a C corporation. Are there any deductions for part-time real estate employment?

48:14 What are the tax benefits of putting my primary residence in a trust?

51:36 What business structure is best for anonymity? How do I submit taxes anonymously without my tax information flowing into my personal taxes?

57:45 What is the best corporate structure for optimal tax savings?

59:24 What kind of tax incentives are available for real estate investors to cut down on taxes?

1:01:45 Is it best to use an S corporation or a C corporation as a real estate investor opening my first Limited Liability Company (LLC)?

1:05:26 I started my Limited Liability Company (LLC) last year to invest in a business or real estate. Currently, I am a W-2 employee. Can I write off any expenses if I haven't made money in my LLC?



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