Shortening start up time and real-time integrity monitoring for hydrotreater reactor

See optimised operations for fatigue management and unplanned downtime mitigation through the use of Akselos' Structural Digital Twin. This optimisation helps cut down the 24-hour start-up time of this heavy-walled reactor vessel by 6-12 hours, unlocking millions in uptime.

Watch the full video on how we utilise the Structural Digital Twin to simulate its process conditions and how we integrate sensor data to display on a real-time dashboard: https://www.akselos.com/resources-detail/real-time-monitoring-of-thermo-structural-integrity-of-a-heavy-walled-reactor

Want to learn more? Read our application brief: https://www.akselos.com/resources-detail/increase-refinery-uptime-through-faster-hydrotreater-startup

To learn more about Akselos' Reduced Basis - Finite Element Analysis (RB-FEA) technology, visit here: https://www.akselos.com/simulation-technology

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