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Long Options | 8-15-22
Options involve risks and are not suitable for all investors. Before trading, read the Options Disclosure Document. https://bit.ly/2v9tH6D

In this weekly TD Ameritrade webcast on long options, we discuss both long calls (buying a call to open the position) and long puts (buying a put to open the position). We look at short term trades using targets such as a swing target or a 1ATR target. We also look at using long options to trade an intermediate or long term trade as well. Risk Management and position sizing are part of the discussion. We often use OCO orders which specify both a target and an exit and demonstrate how to place this type of order on the paperMoney platform on thinkorswim.

In this webcast, we discussed why a short term trading strategy where the goal is to be in a trade for days (as opposed to weeks or months) might be appealing in a year like 2022. We placed 2 example trades on the thinkorswim paperMoney platform. We also looked at two of the positions placed previously and discussed trade management.

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