Shigeru Miyamoto's Pikmin Obsession EXPLAINED - EP73 Kit & Krysta Podcast

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Hi and welcome back to another episode of the Kit & Krysta Podcast! Today we're thinking a lot about Pikmin since we've been playing the demo for Pikmin 4. We want to dig into a topic and explain to all you why Shigeru Miyamoto is so personally invested in Pikmin. He's really out there personally promoting the game but why is that? We've also been playing a lot of other games this summer. We're making some great progress in Final Fantasy 16 and we've been playing a few indie games like Dave the Diver on Steam and Ghost Trick. In our news section, we dig into Nintendo's involvement in the Microsoft FTC trial and talk about the unfortunate Niantic layoffs. We wrap it all up with questions from our awesome Patreon subscribers. This is also the last week that Kit is in Taiwan so the next time you see us, we will be reunited in person. What will happen? Who can say! Let's goooooo...

0:00 - Our last international episode starts...NOW
12:33 - Miyamoto's Pikmin obsession explained + our thoughts on the Pikmin 4 demo
45:36 - Games we are playing
1:02:44 - News news news
1:16:48 - Questions from our Patreon subscribers

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