Shell - A Dream Company I Project Management I in Conversation with Rishi Kaura @Shell

Shell - A Dream Company I Project Management I in Conversation with Rishi Kaura

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Rishi has been in the digital industry for the last 19 years, currently working as a Competence lead in Shell. He is an excellent trainer, mentor, team player with a sound technical background and people management skills. He managed multiple complex projects and handled 70+ people.
He always believes there is a unique way of handling things and keeps raising the standard every time.

“I give importance to 3 things in my life that is Health, Wealth, and Relationship,” He says
0:00 Attention Grabbing
4:00 About Rishi
8:00 Training Modules for Freshers
9:24 His Current Roles and Responsibilities
13:13 Trends in Project Management
14:20 Bad leader and Good leader
14:42 Challenges of Managing a large team
19:17 Salary Expectations
22:21 What does Project Managers do?
25:50 Life Balance
28:20 Image Management
30:20 Importance of Communication Skills
33:10 Being a Fresher, How to explain the project?
36:20 Suggestions to entry level Project Management
39:20 Why should we hire you?
41:10 Suggestions for freshers
45:33 Blockchain
51:15 Rapid Fire Round

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