This video is mainly for asking votes for Pan Sandar Myint's Rohingya female project that got nominated in Sheamoisture Australia's #Sheachangemaker campaign top 24 females who addresses social problems and drives change for the common good.

The following is the Pan's bio, her inspiration and her fund requirement:

What has the nominee done to create change in the community or impact in their life?

Pan Sandar Myint, a Free Rohingya Coalition Coordinator of Women’s affair & Youth Empowerment, is a Ms World Australia National Universal finalist 2021 listed by leading Australian & Indian news media including SBS Rohingya, SBS Burmese & Times of India. Pan has a track record of contributing to Rohingya education development projects such as launching of Sesame Rohingya puppets with BRAC university for Rohingya refugee students in Bangladesh Rohingya Refugee camps.

What is inspiring about the nominee?
In lieu of her entrepreneurial spirit, she launched “Empower Success Media” in promoting human rights issues & women empowermentinYouTube web-based series by collaborating with well known Australian ethical fashion designers, Burmese and International human rights activists. These series were endorsed on SBS Burmese, SBS Rohingya Radio & Australian Torch newspaper. Recently, she has beenappointed as a “Global Peace Ambassador” by Global Peace Chain organisation to a peaceful society and the United Nations sustainable development goals.”

How would a financial grant help the nominee create even more change in the community or their life?
If granted with financial help, she will be able to launch a social media education platform for female Rohingya refugees who can learn social media marketing and management skills. This will lead them to get social media marketing and management jobs at Empower Success Media & other Australian media firms.

Please do vote for her at https://sheamoisture.com.au/pages/copy-of-sheachangemakers-2021

Please follow Pan Sandar Myint at:

1. Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/pansandarmyintsmiley
2. Twitter account: https://twitter.com/PanSandar
3. Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/pansandarmyint_
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