Shariah Accounting Group 5 - Corporate and Shari‘ah Governance of Islamic Banks

Hi! We are from group 5 in the Shariah Accounting major. In this video, we explained about Corporate and Shari‘ah Governance of Islamic Banks. The video consists of:

1 Corporate Governance Gains Prominence
2 Hisba System And An Islamic Perspective On Corporate Governance
3 Oecd And Islamic Principles Of Corporate Governance
4 Importance Of Corporate Governance To Banking Sector
5 The Financial Crisis And Corporate Governance Challenges
6 Developing Countries And Corporate Governance Issues
7 Corporate Governance Concerns For Islamic Banks
8 Ifsb And Aaoifi Issue Guidance
9 Adapted Corporate Governance Understanding
10 Stakeholders Of Islamic Banks And Their Governance Responsibilities
11 Connecting Risk Management, Corporate Governance, And Shari‘ah Compliance

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