Share Market Trading 1Year Mentorship Program Details @ just Rs. 1999 Lifetime

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If you have any Queries related to course, Whatsapp "Video Course" to +91 7666479384 After making Payment, send screenshot of payment on above Whatsapp no.

In this Bundle, you will get Access to Video Course "ShareMarket 1Year Mentorship" along with following 7 BONUS Video Courses. So total you will get following 8 Video Courses:

VIDEO COURSE 1: Trading Income Formula


DAY1: 1) Welcome to Trading Income Hub 2) How Trading Income Formula Really Works 3) The Self Discovery Process To Become PROFITABLE Trader 4) How To Set Your Intentions And Goals To Become PROFITABLE Trader

DAY2: 1) Skills Of A Profitable Trader You'll Need To Acquire 2) What Are The 3 SECRETS & 6 STEPS 3) Secret 1: RISK MANAGEMENT 4) Secret 2: TRADING PSYCHOLOGY 5) You Too Can Become A PROFITABLE Trader

DAY3: 1) What You Can Expect On This Journey- Phases Of Growth 2) Secret 3: PROPER KNOWLEDGE & IMPLEMENTATION 3) You Are On Your Way To Become Top 4% Trader 4) It's Time To Take Action- IMPLEMENT 3 SECRETS & Become A PROFITABLE Trader

Build a Strong Foundation of Trading through this course. Implement the acquired knowledge by real Trading & get the results. It's time to Take Trading Income Challenge

VIDEO COURSE 2: Trading Basics Blueprint

Contents: 1) Basics of Share Market 2) Basics of Options 3) Option Premium 4) Why not Option Buying 5) Why Option Selling

Make your Foundation Strong with this Video Course. Get started with your Journey of Profitable Trading

VIDEO COURSE 3: Trading Psychology Blueprint

Contents: 1) Risk Management 2) Money Management 3) Control of Emotions

80% of your Trading success depends our your Psychology. You have to give importance to it

VIDEO COURSE 4: Technical Analysis Blueprint

Contents: 1) Candlestick Analysis 2) Price Action 3) Technical Indicators 4) Support, Resistance & Trendlines 5) Play the TA Game

Learn to form a View of market direction based on candlestick Price Action. Increase your Probability of Trading Success

VIDEO COURSE 5: Option Greeks Blueprint

Contents: 1) What are Option Greeks 2) Delta 3) Gamma 4) Theta 5) Vega

Learn how Option Greeks affect Option Premium. How we can utilize them for our benefit

VIDEO COURSE 6: Hedging Strategies Blueprint

Contents: 1) Types of Hedging Strategies

2) Bullish Strategies i) Bull Call Spread ii) Bull Put Spread iii) Call Ratio Backspread

3) Bearish Strategies i) Bear Put Spread ii) Bear Call Spread iii) Put Ratio Backspread

4) Neutral Strategies i) Short Straddle ii) Short Strangle iii) Iron Butterfly iv) Iron Condor

Hedging your Positions reduces your Risk. This course focuses on explaining various Strategies & in which Market condition can we use them

You get all 6 Video Courses at a very Affordable Price. This offer is limited till for limited period. So hurry up, Grab the Offer & start your Journey towards becoming a Consistent, Profitable Trader

VIDEO COURSE 7: Profitable Trading Formula


1) Develop skills of a Profitable Trader

2) Risk Management

3) Ways to manage Risk

4) Which market segment to trade

5) 5 phases of growth in Trading

6) Price Action

7) Price Action Patterns

8) My Profitable Strategy

9) Trading Psychology

10) Risk Management

VIDEO COURSE 8: ShareMkt 1Year Mentorship

1) Trading Psychology, Risk Management (90 minutes)

2) Price Action Basics (81 min)

3) Profitable Price Action Patterns (88 min)

4) OPTIONS: Basics to Advanced (83 min)

Value of all these courses is 8000 Rs. but you will be getting it at a discount price of just Rs. 1999 . This offer is for limited time only. Price can increase anytime

What are you waiting for? Hurry up. Grab the offer

Wish you all a very Happy & Profitable Trading Journey
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