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Note: I am an aspiring Yogi.

Aspiring Yogi Vish and Sierra react to Sadhguru's video on "What Separates Leaders From Managers -​ ​Sadhguru at Wharton".

What is vibin friend!

The name is Vish and I am on a mission to change the world one breath at a time.

I love spirituality and fitness. I also have been guiding people with meditation and fitness for years. If you vibe with any of that, vibe with me on this beautiful journey of life:)

If you have any questions about spirituality, fitness, meditation, or even LIFE, DM on IG @VishVibez.

Make it a great day and take it joyfully!

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Original Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXh87AqdrTU

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