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Understanding Session Hijacking, also called side-jacking, is important for web developers, aspiring security engineers, and Internet users in general. Session Hijacking is a technique hackers use to steal session IDs to gain access to private systems and personal accounts to enjoy and take advantage of advanced privileges. Session Hijacking allows attackers to penetrate vulnerable systems by stealing the IDs of users to perform privileged actions taking advantage of the trust between the victim's browser and the system. Social engineering techniques are used to get the victim to click a link or submit a form that will open the door for the attacker to perform malicious actions.

In this video, I explain Session Hijacking by starting with a typical scenario of a seemingly different but very similar case. The story will help you get a general idea. Then we dive deeper into what exactly a session is, what is session hijacking, how it works, types of session hijacking attacks, and ways to defend against these types of attacks.

--------- Video Outline ---------

00:00 Understanding the danger
01:45 Understanding Sessions and How They Work
03:45 Session Hijacking
05:43 Types of CSRF Attacks and How They Work
10:55 How to defend against CSRF Attacks

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