Session 54: Understanding structural behaviour | David Brohn | Live technical discussion

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Graduates who have studied structures for four years cannot draw the bending moment on a loaded cantilever. Is this satisfactory??

The recent graduates can not draw the bending moment diagram and shear force for simple cantilevers! This situation is indeed quite dangerous as dependency on the computers is gradually increasing. The structural behaviour obtained from the computer analysis must be checked before proceeding for the next stage of design.

Do we have any alternative means for verifying the structural behaviour instead of complex calculations?

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In the upcoming live discussion David Brohn, MBE PhD CEng FIStructE will join with us for the interesting live discussion related to understanding of the structural behaviour.

DATE : 12-JAN-23

TIME : 4:30PM to 5:30 PM IST

Brief about Expert
David Brohn, MBE PhD CEng FIStructE

Brohn worked on the design of the Sydney Opera House Shells at Arup London. This was followed by post-graduate study and PhD at Leeds University. He became an academic at Bristol Polytechnic and in his first class, preparing students for the IStructE Chartered Membership exam, he found that they had a poor understanding of structural behaviour and devised a test. He then tested the graduate intake into Arup for three years which confirmed that there was a serious deficiency in understanding. Arup then commissioned Brohn to develop a training course to correct this lack of understanding and this course has been run for 50 years, to the leading consultants in the UK, Denmark and Dubai and India. 12 years ago the courses were redesigned for online delivery and are now available on the new site.
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