Session 27 - Design life of RCC structure - Live technical discussion

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Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers, Owners and other construction professionals are concerned about the life of a structure. All the stakeholders desire a long life for the structure. Also, there is a lot of curiosity amongst the professionals in the wake of monuments being designed for up to 1000 years.

It is difficult and challenging to predict life of a concrete structure as there are multiple factors affecting the same like structural system, design parameters, concrete mix design, type of reinforcement, quality assurance during execution, protection against corrosion, earthquake resistant design, regular maintenance of the structures – to name a few.

In view of the above, the forthcoming online technical deliberation is on design life of RCC structures. The discussion therefore would be focused on the following important areas:

Quality control and assurance in lab and at site.
Construction Chemicals in concrete mix , grouting, coatings for reinforcement
Choices of Reinforcement Steel from durability criterion including coating, surface treatment, alloys, corrosion resistance
Deterioration of concrete considering cement chemistry & concrete and concreting practices
Predictions of earthquake forces and reform in material science considering ductility

DATE :12-NOV-21
TIME : 7:00 PM IST

Mr. Umesh B. Rao, Consulting Engineer
Dr. Manmohan R. Kalgal, Advisor- Ultratech
Dr. Jayanto Saha, INSDAG
Mr. Samir Surlekar, SS Buidchem
Mr. Anil Pillai, RAMCO cement
Dr. Pradeepkumar Ramcharala, IIIT – Hyderabad
Mr. Kaushik Hajra, South Zone Head , Quality , Ultratech
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