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Learn about how organizations can use our tightly integrated help desk and remote support software to help improve IT service management. These integrated tools are designed to provide productivity gains that allow agencies and institutions to improve customer satisfaction and accelerate service delivery by simplifying and automating their help desk ticketing and remote support processes. We will demonstrate the integration of the Web Help Desk®️ and Dameware®️ Remote Support solutions and discuss use cases and best practices to improve service management.

The video will demonstrate how to:
• Connect to remote computers directly from help desk trouble tickets while having access to integrated IT asset information and checklists for faster troubleshooting
• Save remote session metadata including duration, chat history, and screenshots back to the IT tickets in the help desk software where the remote session was launched from
• Save remote session details for sessions that were started outside of the ticketing system in either an existing ticket in the Web Help Desk solution, or by creating a new ticket from the Dameware remote session
• Take advantage of smartcard support, archiving tickets by request type, reporting, and other features of importance to government customers

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