Seminario CEIGRAM: Dealing with nitrogen issues in agriculture; from Holland to the globe and back

«Dealing with nitrogen issues in agriculture; from Holland to the globe and back», fue impartido por el investigador Hans van Grinsven (Program Manager/Senior Researcher at the Department of Water, Agriculture and Food at PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency).

After a brief introduction of my institute, the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, I will present some characteristics of the Dutch agricultural sector (after the US the 2nd largest exporter in the world) as part of the European Union and the environmental consequences of the large and intensive Dutch agro sector. I will show some results of comparisons of the eco-efficiency of national agricultural sectors in Europe and between the EU. Next, I will show some results from the cost-benefit analysis of nitrogen use and losses, as these were produced in the (first) European Nitrogen Assessment (2007-2011) and in the ongoing UNEP project INMS (Towards a first Global Nitrogen Assessment; 2017-2021) and recent papers on the global mortality cost of ammonia emissions and the long-term yield benefits of N use and cost of N losses in cereals. Although quantifying societal costs of nitrogen pollution in agriculture is challenging and contested, comparing results with the obvious benefits of nitrogen use for crop and food production, point at important implications for optimal intensity (e.g. N fertilizer rate) and optimal spatial outlay of agriculture, at all scales.
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