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To be an exceptional leader for your team it is important to have strong Self Management. Your team will follow your example.

A few weeks ago I share the importance of Inspiration for you and your team. The energy you create can move you forward but without Structure it can be wasted or worse yet take you backwards.

Structure, or Discipline, includes Time Management & Organization.

There are several activities that can be done to become a Master of Time Management.

I have found that the best 1st step to know the value of your time, I call it your hourly rate.

As the business owner a simple measure is your Revenue (or target revenue) divided by your hours worked (or targeted). For example if your business is $2M/year in revenue and your goal is to work 2,000 hours per year (40 hours per week with 2 weeks vacation each year) then your hourly rate is $1,000.

If you want a business that create $4M in revenue and you want to work 4 days a week with 4 weeks of vacation your hourly rate would be $2,6000.

This is what you are responsible for every hour. If you aren't creating that much revenue, or if you are working more hours then you have an opportunity to be more efficient with your time.

Step #2 is Time Tracking. Record what you do and how long it takes.

Step #3 is to apply your hourly rate to that time record. You will absolutely be amazed at how you are SPENDING YOUR TIME.

This is usually when the motivation kicks in!

With this new perspective in hand it is time to create your Default Calendar. How do you WANT to work every day, week or month?

Focus on what is Important. What pushes you to those targets of revenue generated and time invested?

Certainly you will be interrupted with Urgent issues every day. Knowing where you need to focusing will alert you to recognize these urgent items for what they are, interruptions, and get back to what matters.

When working on your Default Calendar make sure your Highest Priorities are scheduled 1st. These are the activities that contribute to your to your most important goals.

The next step to Structure will be to work on the Organization of Your Business. Be on the lookout for more Coach's Views to learn more.

This is Coach John Davis. Have a great day!
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