Security Governance and Compliance in Serverless Applications

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00:00 Intro
07:59 What is Serverless Security?
10:45 Compliance for Serverless
15:40 Building Blocks of Serverless Security
18:57 Serverless Architecture
21:48 Cloud Native and Serverless
25:48 Audit and Scope
30:57 Layered Security in Serverless
32:35 Serverless Security Best Practices
35:47 Denial of Wallet attack
38:41 How to learn more about Serverless Security
42:44 The Fun Section

Serverless Applications have been around us for sometime but how does one bring Governance, Risk and Compliance standards like FedRAMP/ SOC2/ ISO 27001 to it.

We have Jon Zeolla to talk on this topic.

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