Securing your cloud journey with Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework

Mark Simos and Brian Blanchard join Sarah Lean to talk about security and how the Cloud Adoption Framework can support the decisions you need to make in that area. Learn how the cloud changes security and some security best practices.

✔️ Resources:
Learn more about the secure methodology
Learn more about the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

0:00 Introduction
1:00 What is Terraform and how is it useful?
2:10 How can Terraform help me with my Landing Zones?
3:05 What do the Cloud Adoption Terraform Modules include?
5:38 How are the Azure Landing Zone Accelerator different from the Terraform Modules?
6:29 How do the Terraform Modules help me get closer to my Azure Landing Zone architecture?
7:35 Demo of Terraform Modules
13:19 Where can people go to find more information on Terraform Modules?

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