Securing the Cloud Infra: Hunt the Hunters Proactively w/ Abbas Kudrati

Speaker: Abbas Kudrati, APAC Chief Cybersecurity Advisor, Microsoft
Moderator: Rahul Neel Mani, Co-founder & Editor, Grey Head Media

During last week, DynamicCISO got an opportunity to talk to Abbas Kudrati, a distinguished Cybersecurity Expert, an author and also the APAC Chief Cybersecurity Advisor, Microsoft. Abbas has recently co-authored a book titled Threat Hunting in the Cloud: Defending AWS, Azure and Other Cloud Platforms Against Cyberattacks along with Chris Peiris, and Binil Pillai.

The discussion revolved around his career path, the practitioner’s approach to handle threat hunting and some important questions (related to his book) on the subject of threat hunting.

Listen in this informative conversation.
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