Securing Passive Income In Uncertain Times

In today’s economic environment, income investors may wonder how they should secure a consistent stream of passive income in these uncertain times.

Investors are watching if bonds are still set to deliver favourable returns in the second half of this year. They are also looking closely at whether equity income investing will continue to deliver a steady stream of dividends. This comes amid an unclear rate hike path in the second quarter of 2023, as central banks work to fight inflation in a time of weak economic growth.

In this dynamic environment, how should income-seeking investors navigate these macroeconomic challenges successfully?

Endowus warmly invites you to an exclusive webinar with experts from leading income fund managers — Alvin Ong, CFA, CESGA, Head of Fixed Income, Singapore, Manulife Investment Management; and David Copsey, Executive Director, Goldman Sachs Asset Management; — as well as Sean Wong, Head of Investments, Endowus. The webinar will highlight what’s next for income investors amid this turbulent time, and will discuss:

1. Challenges faced by investors seeking consistent income and returns
2. Analysing market surprises, including central bank actions and heightened inflation
3. Strategies to navigate market uncertainties and generate reliable income

00:00 – Introduction
08:00 – What is income investing?
09:22 – How to invest for income?
12:39 – Equities rally despite central bank tightening
17:35 – Global growth is expected to underperform
24:44 – Asian central banks are close to end of the monetary tightening cycles
26:16 – Growing expectations of Fed fund rates to peak this year
29:00 – Singapore’s growth and economic outlook remains challenged
33:36 – While bonds are appealing, equities remain key to combating inflation
38:36 – What income investors should know when building an income portfolio
41:50 – Increasing exposure to Government and Investment Grade Bonds
45:51 – What is the value proposition of Asian bonds?
47:53 – Most Asian markets are now of investment grade quality
52:11 – Asian dollar bonds can be more resilient to external shocks
57:20 – Q&A: Will interest rates remain higher for longer?
1:00:00 – Q&A: How will the magnificent seven perform through the rest of the year?

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