Securely share encryption keys with payShield Trusted Management Device

As an organization involved in processing payment transactions, you understand the importance of securely exchanging keys with third parties.
Looking at your current approach…

• How easy is it for you to share keys?
• How convenient is the process?
• How secure is it?

The latest payments industry standards are demanding more secure solutions for performing key ceremonies.
Certified specialist devices are replacing legacy consoles for cleartext key component operations.

Having to perform these critical key management activities inside data centers is complex, time-consuming, and costly.

payShield Trusted Management Device (or TMD for short) is an intuitive self-contained hand-held solution that simplifies key component management and reduces the risk of data entry errors (especially when using our unique integral camera and printer). payShield TMD delivers the ultimate in flexibility with remote location deployment, support for multiple security teams, and a wide range of output formats.

As a PCI-certified secure touchscreen device with strong role-based authentication, payShield TMD raises the bar on security, providing comprehensive audit logs and support for key blocks.

With payShield TMD, you get an efficient, flexible and secure solution for remotely managing and sharing critical keys. It complements other payShield remote management tools including payShield Manager and payShield Monitor.

At Thales we are building a future we all can trust. Visit our website to learn more about payShield TMD.
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