Secrets To Better Property Management with Chris Bee, Lessen

Lessen recently raised a $35 million funding round. Lessen is specifically designed for real estate investors with multiple properties. Its technology is designed to also serve as a one-stop platform for managing projects across multiple portfolios. Lessen doesn't just connect owners with contractors; it also provides access for property cleaning and laundry for both single-family and multifamily properties.

0:00 Intro
01:00 What led you to Lessen?
02:10 Why is it so hard to solve the prop tech problem?
04:54 Do sensors play a role in what Lessen does?
05:28 How does Lessen prepare people for the length of a job?
06:51 How is your experience working with Fifth Wall?
07:31 What are you witnesses in terms of construction delays?
10:13 What is Lessen seeing most in terms of request of maintenance services.
11:23 What types of clients does Lessen serve?
13:58 What challenges does the company face as it tries to lessen scale?
15:17 What real estate tech innovations are you most excited about?
17:21 Is Lessen more on the prop tech or construction tech side?
18:47 Where do you see Lessen in five years?
19:23 Is one of Lessen’s goal to shift towards consumer customers and not just institutions?
20:11 Is part of the vision of Lessen to become a log for properties?
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