Secrets Management and DevSecOps: An Enterprise Maturity Model

As DevOps turns to multi-cloud, workload containerization and infrastructure-as-code, securing and distributing secrets across teams and environments has become a complex undertaking. Left unmanaged, this leads to secrets sprawl; in other words, the exposure of credentials in source control servers, DevOps tools and every component that makes up the software development life cycle (SDLC). With exposed secrets, attackers can gain easy access to an organization’s critical resources. They can breach the perimeter to carry out attacks, hijack computing power, exfiltrate customer data and compromise the integrity of the software supply chain.

To help security and DevOps teams regain visibility and control over the secrets used in the SDLC, GitGuardian has developed its own Secrets Management Maturity Model. During this webinar, Mackenzie Jackson, developer advocate at GitGuardian, will discuss this model in detail, highlight the benefits of automated secrets detection and remediation and describe how these can be used to infuse security into development workflows.

You should attend this webinar if you want to:
- Learn about the challenges of securely managing and distributing secrets in the SDLC
- Understand that successful secrets management is a combination of education, tooling and process
- Discover how your organization can develop its secrets management program
- Learn more about the benefits of automated secrets detection and remediation and GitGuardian's platform
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