Scrum Master Certification Training: WASTE OF MONEY & TIME! Is Scrum Master Certification Worth It?

Scrum Master Certification and Scrum Master Training is widespread for many professionals who want to becomes professional scrum masters.

Scrum Master training is offered by the big three certifying bodies:

- Scaled Agile Framework
- Scrum.org
- Scrum Alliance

Scrum Master training has become a total joke and created unnecessary overhead for delegates looking to progress to middle management.

Scrum Master Certifications are also becoming fast out of date and all the information is freely available.

It's extremely difficult deciding on what Scrum Master Training Course to pick from todays wide selection of available scrum master training certifications.

Agile scrum master training is on rise with agile certifications that focus on the scrum master role so I will discuss the value of PSM VS CSM VS SAFe Scrum Master.

Firstly, what is scrum master? It's a key facilitator role in todays scrum teams that helps practice scrum and endorse scrum values. Scrum Certification is one way in further understanding this role.

CSM - Certified Scrum Master - Is a 2 days course that allows delegates to gain foundational knowledge about scrum and scrum masters role.

PSM - Professional Scrum Master - Is a fantastic 2 day course that allows delegates to gain foundational to intermediate skills of scrum mastery.

SAFe Scrum Master - Is a great 2 day course that allows delegates to grasp a strong understanding about agile, scrum mastery and enterprise scaling.

All of the above courses are certified scrum master training courses that are well recognised and renowned around the world.

This video looks at how to become a certified scrum master as well as a pros and cons of each course.

But deciding which agile scrum master course is very difficult for beginners and this video goes into further detail on what you want to consider before investing into scrum master role.

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