Scribble Talk Teaching Episode - APMP FOUNDATION Certification Baachu Bite Part 1

Our very first Scribble Talk Teaching Episode - APMP FOUNDATION Certification Baachu Bite

First Part of Scribble Talk Teaching deals with Unit I and Unit 2 of APMP Foundation Certification Syllabus where the topics Understanding Business Development and Focus on Customer are focused.

Unit I creates an understanding of Business Development with the specific goal and steps one needs to concentrate on achieving the development. The Unit goes on to explain the eight phases in Business Development Process with each phase including Market Identification and Proposal Development discussed in detail.

Unit II comprises of eleven chapters, of which the initial six chapters are discussed here.
The chapters discussed here are
1. Compliance & Responsiveness
2. Customer Analysis and Competitive Intelligence,
3. Executive Summaries,
4. Strategy and Win Themes,
5. Value Propositions and
6. Proposal Theme Statements.

Each of these chapters discusses the topic at hand in great detail with explanations on all aspects including the best practices and common misconceptions linked to them.


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