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This SCIKIQ Demo Video gives a detailed view on how a User is
Integration Process
Migration process
Curation Process
Governance Process

SCIKIQ, a no-code data management /fabric platform powered by AI, addresses key data challenges for medium to large organizations.

- Empowering Teams to gain real time insights without the need for complex technical skills.
- Helps Enterprises save 80% of Data Management costs.
- 75% time for Data Transformation.
- 40% faster Data Discovery than competitor Platforms

The Vital features include -
- Generative AI Powered tool.
- Integration capability of 100+ types of data Sources.
- Automatic and Dynamic Data lineage.
- 80%-time reduction in High Volume data Migration with parallel processing.
- Real time data analytics.
- Real-time data validation and quality checks, available on the move.
- Feasibility to function with Multi-Cloud and Multi-vendor data landscapes.
- Leverage Elastic search capabilities.
- Automate Meta Data Management.
- Identify data anomalies at data integration stage.

SCIKIQ Offers:
Rapid Transformation: Yielding results withing months.
360-Degree Data Management: Replacing Multiple data tools under a single hood.
Save Resources and Money: Drives Savings, Optimizes Manpower and reduces TCO by 80%.
Minimal Workflow Disruption: Ensures a smooth transition to more advanced data management.
High Adaptability: Flexibly caters to the ever-evolving business needs.

A Trailblazing, No code, All in one Data fabric platform. SCIKIQ is an innovative AI-driven Data Fabric which seamlessly works across any organizations internal data silos, complex multi-vendor, and multi-cloud environments, to instantly deliver a customized real-time true view of its data.
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