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MYRIADSMS is a School Management Software in Nigeria designed to manage daily activities that run your school. The pinnacle of digital solutions!
From record-keeping of finances, assessments to compiling of results, the digital platform gives users the ability to monitor administrative tasks on a single platform.

it makes growth easy for students and teachers even parents are not left behind. Some benefits of using school management software that ensures growth are;

Students learning experience
Parent engagement
Teachers productivity
Cost and raise efficiency
Saves natural resources
Access from anywhere
MYRIADSMS gives you the best of that, it makes learning easy for students, it encourages parents to engage in their wards’ school lives, it increases productivity among teachers and reduces cost and raises efficiency.

As a product designed by an institute passionate about education, MYRIADSMS aims to make every process that involves running a school easy for administrators. It is designed to ease learning for students, keeps parents informed and aid educators.
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Tell: +2348091666887
Social: www.facebook.com/myriadenterprisenetwork
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