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Do you wish to create an as-built 3D BIM model of your existing building? Are you interested in restoring your historical building to its former glory? Do you want to monitor how your building project is progressing on a daily basis? Scan to BIM is the solution for all these questions. Surveyors, property owners, architects, engineers, and general contractors use 3D laser scanning to create point cloud models for 3D BIM models. A Scan to BIM checklist is a necessity for an efficient Scan to BIM workflow.

Let us understand how the process of Scan to BIM services functions and why a Scan to BIM checklist is important.

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About Us
Tejjy Inc is one of the competent design build firms located in Maryland, USA. Since inception in 2006, Tejjy has been serving various sectors including residential, commercial, medical, educational and industrial. As a leading BIM service provider in USA, Tejjy has expertise on a suite of services including 3D Laser Scanning, Scan to BIM, Digital Twinning, MEP BIM Modeling, Structural Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Facility Management, Permit Expediting, Clash Detection and Coordination, Revit Family Creation, Floor Plan Designs, etc.
Having a core expertise with 15+ years in design build services and Building Information Modeling, Tejjy has served 1200+ satisfied clients throughout North America and accomplished mission-critical projects, overcoming challenges with time and cost-efficacy.
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