SCADA Display Design Based on Abnormal Situation Management Guidelines

Abnormal Situation Management (ASM) is defined as “undesired plant disturbances or incidents with which the control system is not able to cope, requiring a human to intervene to supplement the actions of the control system”. The key objective of ASM is to bring the process within its safe band of operation, whenever a deviation is encountered, before safety-shutdown systems or other safety-protection systems are engaged.

This objective can be achieved by utilizing a few different techniques. This webinar will focus on one such technique of building effective SCADA displays to aid the operator in making informed and data-driven decisions. These standards, when applied well, reduce operator response time and allow more accurate decision-making, leading to better plant performance.

For engineers in this area, this webinar will help enlighten the attendees on introduction to ASM and building effective SCADA displays to support the process plant operators to effectively manage and control complex process plants, especially during the time of process upsets and plant start-ups/shutdown.
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