Sawgrass DesignMate and PrintMate: Your Start Guide

Recently Sawgrass DesignMate and PrintMate were released. This new Sawgrass software will allow you to design and print from your Sawgrass printer. While the old Creative Studio and Print Manager is not doing away, you may want to give this new and improved sublimation software a try! You can use this free when you purchase any Sawgrass printer, however, there is an access fee for designs and some other features of the program.

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Sawgrass Exchange https://sawgrassexchange.sawgrassink.com/

Sawgrass Printer Bundle https://www.thecountrychiccottage.net/angie-sawgrass-aff

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0:00 Introduction
0:30 Is Creative Studio going away?
1:06 Video content
1:38 DesignMate
10:00 PrintMate
13:52 Picking your printer
14:22 Why switch?
14:56 Subscription option
15:49 Wrap up
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