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About Navneet Chitkara:

Navneet Chitkara is a certified international astrologer and a Nav Vastu expert. He has written many articles/ blogs, which have been well appreciated for the content and truth by the readers. To impart the proper knowledge of Vedic astrology, Navneet took the initiative of starting his youtube channel "Astro Scientist Navneet Chitkara", which has gained an overwhelming response from his followers. Navneet has taught Vedic Astrology to more than 200 students from more than 30 countries.

Navneet has an MBA Degree in Marketing and Finance from the National Institute of Management and a Bachelor's degree in Computer Applications from one of the most prestigious universities in India.

He has been closely involved with astrology for 15 years and is a certified International astrologer as Jyotish Praveen and Jyotish Visharad from ICAS (Indian council of astrological sciences).

To break the myths of Astrology and provide knowledge to people, many Gurus and Astrologers have kept it secret until now.

Many astrologers do not know how to look at a chart of planets in-depth, like a surgeon. Navneet has the capabilities to show you the nitty-gritty of Astrology beyond modern research & development.

Most astrologers analyze only one chart: our birth chart, lagna chart, but this is not enough. There are more than 150 Divisional charts and out of which 16 are extremely important. Very few astrologers have acquired the skills and knowledge to read those divisional charts and in-depth Nakshatra analysis. Navneet has mastered the technique of reading Divisional Charts & Nakshatras.

Many astrologers would claim that having a planet placed in a malefic house or Zodiac sign gives us undesirable results. However, we still see many wealthy people walking around with such planets in their charts & still successful. It's simple; the astrologers do not analyze the Nakshatras that the planet was sitting in, including the sub Nakshatras.

For e.g.:
Your Saturn (Shani) is in a weak sign and house; it doesn't mean you would have many challenges in life. Saturn might give you the most awaited wealth and fame in its time frame.

About Rudra Vedic Academy:

Rudra Vedic Academy (RVA) is the flagship initiative of Mr Navneet Chitkara, where renowned scholars from around the globe have collaborated to impart the knowledge of astrology to students.

Mr Navneet Chitkara and his team will teach the logical and scientific-based approach to analyze charts, resolving all their doubts and breaking the shackles of superstition and uniting them with the Divine power, omnipotent and omnipresent. The goal is to create a new breed of positive astrologers and revolutionize Vedic astrology.

The vision of RVA is to empower Astro seekers to break the myth of astrology and provide the proper knowledge via the guru shishya parampara, which was followed for ages in India's Vedic system.
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