SAP S/4HANA 2021 - Treasury Management

Managing working capital, payments, and financial risk with integrated, real-time solutions for treasury management is crucial to lower risk and improve liquidity. (00:00)
01:09 Treasury after crisis
02:23 Master business
03:08 Payment Management
04:03 Cash Management
04:57 Treasury and Risk
05:55 Demo

Hear from Dr. Arif Esa, SAP Global Finance Solution Management, about the enhancements delivered with SAP S/4HANA 2021 enabling the digital transformation and help you master business challenges:
1. Centralized payment processing , gain transparency and visibility on payments within Payment Factory in the Cloud and On-Premise
2. Improvement and innovations in cash management with focus on direct cash position - aka decoupling of cash position from G/L accounting , Flow Builder and Power of Attorney for signatory management
3. New enhancements for Treasury and Risk Management for broader the Cloud Scope FX hedge management and extending the treasury ecosystem for the Trading Platform integration App.

If you want to learn more about improvements in finance, you are invited to have a look at dedicated topic-specific videos:

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