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SAP BTP Workflow management service allows us to build amazing cloud workflows to orchastrate and automate business processes like hire to retire, employee on-boarding, capex approval end to end. The key to workflow is the APIHUB and open APIs to inetgrate with SAP S/4HANA, SAP Success factors and many other on premise and cloud solutions. The Workflow management in BTP includes Process visibility, Workflow builder using SAP Business application studio, Process flexibility, Standard pre-packaged content, API HUB integration, Rules framework for dyamic determination and more..
In this training we will learn, Administration, Development and Business Expert scenario to manage end to end business process in cloud workflow.

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Understand the basics of SAP BTP, and introduction to BTP workflow management. Understand the BPM and Cloud Workflow offerings – Workflow, Rules, Launchpad, Process Flexibility, Process Visibility, API HUB
Design and develop Cloud Workflows with different steps and integrations with Business Rules. Import standard workflow content and configure, Integrate with APIs and connect to your systems with API HUB. Create process templates and work with process visibility Technical integration with APIs, Destinations, Deploy and Deliver with end to end lifecycle

SAP Workflow Management: an introduction
Managing capital expenditure approvals
Setting up your development landscape
Building a workflow from scratch
Executing and monitoring your workflows
Creating a process template
Managing decisions with business rules
Developing business rules
Connecting your business rules with SAP S/4HANA
Achieving end-to-end process visibility
Building a process visibility scenario end-to-end
Creating and consuming live process content packages
Extensions and insights for business workflows

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