Samsung Phones Just Got a HUGE Update! Here are the Best New Features!

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Samsung's flagship smartphones like the S22 Ultra, Fold 4, and Flip 4, just received dozens of brand new features with the One UI 5.0 update! These range from new camera features, better messaging features, enhanced security features, new features for Dex, which allows you to use your Samsung phone as a desktop computer, and more!

In this video, I'll break down the best new features in One UI 5.0 and compare the differences between One UI 4.1.1 and One UI 5!

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00:00 Samsung phones get a HUGE new update!
00:25 Powerful New Widget
01:15 Get Stacked!
02:51 Chef's Helper
03:28 Camera Upgrades
05:06 Perfectly Shaped
05:37 Money Saving Feature!
06:56 Don't share that!
07:09 Animated Emojis
07:29 WAY more color options
07:53 Desktop Computer Mode Upgrades
08:24 Don't fear the repair man…
08:52 Faster Access
09:11 Customizable Notifications
09:34 Better Device Protection
10:01 Keep more apps open or save space
10:40 Better DND Mode
10:58 The Multilingual Upgrade
11:10 Faster/Better editing
11:49 For professionals
12:07 The Most Powerful App Gets Better!
13:47 Better Identifiers
13:58 More Useful Toggles
14:35 The Subtle Changes
15:11 Let's not share that with the world...
15:39 Top 25 Samsung Accessories!

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