Samit Vartak on Success vs Happiness and the Art of Managing Other People's Money

In this episode, I talk to Samit Vartak, Founding Partner and Chief Investment Officer of SageOne Investment Managers. Samit talks about success vs happiness, Vedanta philosophy, his stock research process, and the art of managing other people's money.

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0:00 Introduction
3:05 Success vs happiness, and how to measure them
6:17 Story of the Chinese farmer
9:52 Dealing with the trap of comparison
12:03 Life and investing lessons on the path of spirituality
22:12 Samit’s investing journey
31:41 Blowing up his capital in the dotcom bust
34:24 Developing the right investing mindset
38:05 View on valuations and margin of safety in today's market
44:50 Four pillars of Samit's investment philosophy
51:00 Individual investor vs money manager - Differences in mindset
58:17 What keeps Samit being a money manager
1:03:44 Investment mistakes - common elements and lessons
1:10:40 View on 'coffee can investing' for small investors
1:15:52 Advice on managing other people's money
1:20:23 Dealing with noise and information overload
1:24:21 Advice to young entrepreneurs
1:28:00 Habit that most positively impacts Samit's life
1:31:24 Question he asked Swami Sarvapriyananda
1:34:43 Favourite investing and non-investing books
1:37:31 Best and worst advice ever received
1:40:50 Wants to have dinner with…
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