Salt and Sacrifice Beginner Guide: Getting Started Tips and Tricks I Wish I Knew Before Playing

In this Salt and Sacrifice Guide: Top 10 Tips For Beginners, We are going to go through the best beginner tips and tricks that you should know in order to complete your playthrough with maximum efficiency. I’ll be talking about resource management, crafting and explain you how to unlock and use Runic Arts, to name a few. https://fextralife.com/salt-and-sacrifice-top-10-tips-for-beginners/

Salt and Sacrifice is a 2d Soulslike developed and published by Ska Studios. Your play as a Marked Inquisitor trying to redeem your crimes by purging evil Mages from the Kingdom. The game is available on PC and PS5.

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0:00 - Salt and Sacrifice Beginner Guide
0:45 - Hunter Tools
1:55 - Skill Tree
3:10 - Runic Arts
4:02 - Crafting Equipment
4:41 - Upgrading Equipment
5:24 - Try out new Equipment
6:05 - Spend your Silver and Salt
7:11 - Re-visit old areas
7:38 - Boss Fightning Tips
9:09 - Daily Quests

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