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Advanced Admin :
1. Security Overview
2. License Overview
2.1 Type of Licenses
2.2 Available License
2.3 Features exposed by each License
4. User Management

user -- my organization
user -- license -- organization
Licesne : License describes a set of features can be accessible by the user.
While adding the users to the organization, each user should have a license without License we can't add a user to the organization.
Based on the Number of Licenses inside Organization = number of Users can be created

Type License
1) Salesforce Licesnse(Standard License/Full License) - 2-- 1 (owner)
: Salesforce License will grant the access on all the standard and
custom functionalities inside the organization.
i.e. Apps, tabs, object, field, features ... etc
2) Salesforce Platform Licesnse: (3)
platform license will grant access on all custom functionalities.
i.e Customs Apps, objects , fields tabs....
will grant access on 5 standard object (Account, Contact, Document,Task, and Event)
Note: we can't access the Standard Apps
3) Chatter Free Licesne: 5,000
This license will grant the access on the Chatter Feed, so that the
user can communicate with the other members through the "FeedItems"
won't grant the access on any Application
4) Customer Community License -- 5
By using this features, we can grant the access on the community Portal to the users.

For your current Project, users
700o users are availble , what type of license are you using your application
Salesforce License -2000
Platform licene -- 1000
Community portal -2000
License information : UserLicense Object

Interview Questions
01.Explain Salesforce License?
02.Explain Salesforce User?
03.What is Difference Between User and License?
04.What are the Different Types of License in Salesforce?
05.Explain Each License and its access?
06.How many users are in your Current Project?
07.What type Licenses are available for you in your Current Project?
08.How many Different type of Licenses are provided for your current project and how many are used how many are available?
09.Explain Features of Each License Type?
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