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Automated testing of Salesforce CRM/CX applications is challenging for enterprises due to its architecture and continuous changes & custom implementations. Therefore, it is critical to ensure every CRM and customer-focused function including sales, marketing customer service, etc.

Watch our webinar with Lavanya Sallagundla - Head-Test Engineering, Sharath Raghunath - VP Salesforce, and Kumar G - Sr. Manager Salesforce COE at Suneratech, who discussed the ways required to do end-to-end automated testing across the entire Salesforce application landscape.

Key Takeaways:

• How to scale end-to-end testing across workflows that span Salesforce & other applications
• How Test Automation ensures significant cost savings and eliminates the manual effort to help accelerate the overall testing cycle.
• Reduce the time it takes to test and validate releases
• Free up key personnel to focus on business-critical tasks

Request a demo: https://bit.ly/3vPQkNy

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