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2 types Profiles
1.Standard Profile
2.custom Profile
create a custom Profile 2
Salesforce License
click on "New Profile"
choose the existing profile, license
new Custom profile Name : SIT Salesforce Profile
Platform License
New Custom Profile Name : SIT Platform Profile
User Management :
User is nothing but a person, who can access our salesforce.com organization.
User can be either an employee/customer/partner /End user.
Each user should be associated with License and profile
User Object -- all user information
while create a user
1.Enter User Details (Ex: First Name, Last Name, Nick Name, Alias Name,
Email, User Name[Email Id Format and unique all the Reqion server],company Name,
Department, Division... etc)
2.Select the Required License from Picklist
3.select the Required Profile,
4.Check "Active"==true
5.Save Record

Step2: Activating the user Account :
6.Email goes to user
7.click on "Verify Account" button.
8)Enter the Password, and confirm Password
9.security Questions

Assignment :
Create 2 profiles (Salesforce Licensed, Platform Licensed)
Create 4 users
01.Salesforce Licensed User :
1.User Development
02.Platform Licensed user
1.User Manger
2.User Testing
3.User Customer

Interview Questions :
01.What is profile ?
02.what is User ?
03.what is License ?
04.What is Organization ?
05.what is region ?
06.what is Server Instances ?
07.How many organization can fit in single server instances ?
08.What are the different Type of Profiles ?
09.what are the standard license provided by salesforce for developer edition?
10.How many users can we create in Developer Edition ?
11.Where can we see all the users data ?
12.what are the different ways to view all license information ?
13.How to create Custom Profile ?
14.What is the differences bewtween Custom profile and Standard profile ?
15.What is the relation between licesne to Profile ?
16.what is the relation between Profile to lciense ?
17.what is the relation between Profile to users ?
18.what is the relation between User to Profile ?
19.In order to create user, what are the mandatory fields ?
20.How can we decide, what user can access ?
21.what all components can be controlled by a profile ?
22.what all the options can we edit in standard Profile ?
23.How can I delete the standard Profile ?
24.How many profiles can we create ?
25.How many users can we create in Organization ?
26.How many users are using your application ?
27.what is the differnces between Region and server instance ?
28.How to find my organization server instance ?
29.Where can I see all Region/server instance information ?
30.what is the step taken by user as soon as admin creates user in salesforce Organization ?
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