Safety Management System for Ground Service Providers by Paul Fleming

This course strives to bring ground handling safety management on a par with airport and aircraft operations by equipping participants with the knowledge and tools to implement a SMS in a ground handling organization. The components of a SMS are explained using relevant regulatory guidance and practical exercises that relate directly to ground handling operations and the management of safety risks at the airport and on the apron.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
→ Identify hazards and determine safety risks in ground handling operations
→ Deploy the learning gained to take part in activities and actions to manage safety risks in an operational environment
→ Help prepare their organization for regulatory changes, in particular those relating to ground handling safety

Link to the course: https://www.aeroclass.org/app/courses/safety-management-system-for-ground-service-providers

About the instructor:
Paul Fleming’s career started with the UK Civil Aviation Authority, in the National Air Traffic Services as an apprentice air traffic engineer. He held many positions in the UK CAA spanning nearly 40 years, mainly in the Safety Regulation Group post the privatization of NATS and culminating in a posting in the UK Delegation to ICAO as Alternate Representative on the Council and member of the Air Navigation Commission from 2007 to 2015. Paul's career focused heavily on policy and standards making in the international arena through periods of significant growth and change.

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