SAFe® Business Agility Podcast | Summit Conversations: Trends in Enterprise Agility, Part Two

An expert crew from Scaled Agile, Atlassian, and Accenture gathered at the 2022 SAFe Summit to discuss brand-new SAFe guidance and the evolution of enterprise agility. Deema Dajani (SAFe Fellow & Product Manager at Scaled Agile, Inc.), Tracey Nott-Seward (Managing Director - Global Talent & Organization/Human Potential at Accenture), and John May (Principal Solutions Architect at Atlassian) joined host Alexis Williams (Global Head of Strategic Alliances at Atlassian) for a conversation that covered multiple industry hot topics, including:

- The latest SAFe® guidance on flow accelerators, Lean Portfolio Management, value streams, new releases, and more
- 2023 trends (and beyond) driving Agile transformations
- Common misconceptions about enterprise agility
- Best practices and real-world strategies for engaging executives in the agility journey

Hear first-hand accounts from Tracey, Deema, and John on embracing agility and overcoming common obstacles during the transformation process.
Learn why leading enterprises choose SAFe for building business agility and how SAFe improves time-to-market, quality, employee engagement, and productivity.
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