Ryzen And Radeon CES 2022 Deep Dive With AMD Gaming Chief Frank Azor!

Join us 1/5 @ 1:30 PM ET on 2.5 Geeks for a lively discussion with our special guest Frank Azor, on AMD CES 2022 announcements, from Ryzen 6000 and 5800X3D to Radeon 6000S, Super Resolution, SmartShift and more!
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00:00 Start
05:00 End Of Countdown
06:10 Introducing Frank Azor
07:23 Post-"CES" Keynote Comments
10:20 The Arsenal AMD Brought To CES
17:33 Ryzen 6000 Mobile Architecture Discussion
22:05 Did AI Play A Role In Ryzen 6000 Design
24:03 AMD Smart Shift Max And Smart Shift Eco
32:18 How Smart Shift Max Handles Fan Speeds
34:57 Will Ryzen 6000 Series Every Come To Desktops?
36:08 Smart Access Graphics Technology
39:35 Where's The Radeon RGB Utility?
40:50 The Radeon RX 6500 XT - Why 4GB Of Memory?
47:34 AMD Radeon Super Resolution (RSR) Chat
51:00 Smart Access Graphics And External Dispalys?
52:09 AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D Discussion - Why This CPU?
57:00 Why The Lower Clocks On The 5800X3D?
58:27 Will AM5 Processors Feature 3D V-Cache?
1:00:02 Zen 4 Health And Why Socket AM5 Now?
1:06:05 Where Will Zen 4 And AMD Be 1 Year From Now?
1:08:35 Lenovo New Year, New Gear Giveaway @ HH
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