Ryan Murphy answers questions about Rylov, Russia, the ISL, and making money in swimming

Ask Murph questions LIVE!

Ryan Murphy brought home 3 more Olympic medals from Japan this summer, each one a different color. After taking an extensive break enjoying his friends and family, he's joining back up with the LA Current in Eindhoven for the Playoffs of the ISL.

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00:00 What's up!
02:15 ISL Eindhoven
04:00 Coleman Stewart
05:00 Lenny & Aaron
05:40 Tokyo Olympics
17:30 Where are you in your career?
20:00 Cal Culture
22:45 Nick Saban
24:45 Backstroke Drills
25:30 Mitch Larkin backstroke
28:40 State of College Swimming
30:00 NCAA Backstroke Records
35:00 Pressure from youngsters
37:45 International Swimming League
41:30 Personalities
44:00 Doping
49:00 Mixed Medley Relay
51:35 Zach Apple
54:30 Michael Andrew
58:00 Lane Advantage
59:00 Basketball
01:02:00 PE or VC


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