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RupaX SF is a hybrid live/online event where root cause medicine practitioners present topics on improving health. This live event is streamed and recording in front of a live audience in San Francisco.

​​This event was recorded from our October 19th event with Dr. Jenny Mann, N.D. and Dr. Brandy Zachary, D.C.

​​Dr. Zachary presents:

​​Belly Aches & Bloated? - "Advanced Gut Health"
GI complaints are abundant in our patient population with IBS/IBD and SIBO impacting 40-60 million people in the US. This presentation covers the basics-to-advanced for GI health including lab ordering and analysis, lifestyle and supplement recommendations, and SIBO protocol options.

​​Dr Jenny Mann presents:

​​"Mindset for Healing"
Our culture tells us to go to the doctor for an easy fix, yet naturopathic and functional medicine take a different approach- the approach of healing and creating wellness. This is a big mindset shift for most clients. In this talk, Dr. Mann will cover the most important mindset shifts and tips for clients healing their chronic health issues.
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