RUA Life Sciences - Investor Presentation discussing 510k submission and EACTS conference

Bill Brown, Chairman, and Caroline Stretton, CEO, discuss the progress they have made within the four pillars: Biomaterials, Medical Devices, Vascular, and Structural Heart. In particular they provide detail on the recent 510k submission for RUA Vascular's large bore vascular graft, as well as the encouraging indications from the EACTS conference they attended. This is also an opportunity to see inside the company's clean room facilities, gain a deeper understanding of how the product is made.

00:00:00 Beginning
00:01:04 Corporate Video giving an insight into the company's facilities and processes
00:13:17 Recap on the four business units
00:15:33 RUA Biomaterials
00:21:33 RUA Medical Devices
00:24:53 RUA Vascular
00:39:46 RUA Structural Heart
00:48:07 ESG Progress
00:50:46 Group Achievements - Summary
00:52:55 Q&A
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