Role of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Indicators in Global Financial Markets

The ESG Imperative for Global Financial Markets

ESG indicators have become critical for directing investments towards sustainability and climate goals. International financial institutions, asset management firms, asset owners, multinationals and rating agencies have been focused on ways of meeting voluntary and mandated ESG targets. How can the ESG targets be refined to ensure capital is being directed to the most urgent needs of the economy? What kind of taxonomies do we need to avoid ‘green washing’ or ‘sustainability-washing’ of projects? What is the performance of global funds that have focused on ESG investments?

Tajinder Singh
Deputy Secretary-General, The International Organization of Securities Commissions

Girish Joshi
Chief Trading Operations and Listing Sales, BSE

Claude Lopez
Senior Director, Research, Milken Institute, USA

Lucrezia Reichlin
Professor of Economics, London Business School, UK

Moderator: Gabriele Liotta
Global Leadership Fellow, World Economic Forum

#climatefinance #climatechange #sustainability
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